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Reduce the information noise and cultivate your knowledge notebooks in Loreshelf.

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The Open Source knowledge archive for all your day to day needs.

Loreshelf is where you can capture and organize sensitive information of your life, projects, and plans. It is accomplished with the set of smart features and opinionated design choices.

Slash commands

Slash commands

Add new structured content using inline slash commands.



Mention notecards across the notebooks and workspaces and open the mentioned notecard right next to the link.


Password-protected notes

Secure your workspace using a password and store it as an AES-512 zip archive.


Notecards arranging

Reorder notecards or move them to other notebooks using drag and drop.


We care about privacy,
own your digital life.

Loreshelf works offline and all your data belongs to you. Get in control of what you store, where and how you protect it.

Digital content

Loreshelf will be your
digital library.

We are building tools of purpose which improve quality of life.

Instant access

Switch quickly between notebooks and workspaces without loading screens and search through information in a flash.

Minimalistic structured content

The information is formated and given structure.

Responsive views

Notecards are listed next to each other.

Distributed workspaces

No central database. Every workspace can be stored elsewhere - in a Dropbox folder, a Github repository, an encrypted ZIP archive, etc.


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