Bullet list

Create bullet list by writing the dash or star characters:

- Item X

- Item X2

- Item Y


* Item X

* Item X2

* Item Y


  • Item X
    • Item X2
  • Item Y

Ordered list

Create ordered list by writing the number followed by dot:

1. Item X

2. Item Y


  1. First

    1. First and half
  2. Second

Todo list

Create bullet or ordered list and add check icon.

  • circleTask 1
  • tick-circleTask 2
  • deleteTask 3
  • circleTask 4help

Demote list

To demote line to a lower list level, just hit your Tab key.

Promote list

Promote a line (move it back a level) by placing your cursor to the line and hitting Shift+Tab key.