Open links

Click on the link icon. Icon link.png

Press CTRL and hover over the link and mouse click on the link to open it.

Open via the context menu

Right click on the link will show more options:

  • Open link
  • Copy link to clipboard
  • Icon only (toggle)
  • Download link info
  • Remove link

Web hyperlink

Paste URL and transform

Copy and paste an URL to a notecard as a text. When you add a space after the URL it gets transformed into a link automatically.

Automatically change the text of the link and description using the option “Download link info“ in the link context menu.

Download link info.png

Local file

In the notecard toolbar click on “Add link to a file”. This will open a dialog to select a file. After confirmation the file link is added to the notecard.

Spreadsheet table.xls

(an example, it does not exist)

Notebook file link

Follow the steps like in:

Local file

Markdown (.md) links are opened within Loreshelf. The workspace is recognized and the notebook opened.

For example:


Loreshelf - notes organizer

Icon link

Icon link.png

Right click on a link and select “Icon only (toggle)” to transform the link to an icon-only form.