Formatting text

Bold text

Select text and press CTRL + B

Example text

Italic text

Select text and press CTRL + I

Example text


Select text and press CTRL + Shift + X

~~Example text~~


Press CTRL + Enter to add a hard break.

  • Example text\ with hard break

Inline Code

Select text and press CTRL + Shift + C.

Example inline code


Create new notebook


Add new notecard

Anywhere in the application press CTRL + T to add a new notecard.

Save notebook

CTRL + S to immediately save the changes.

Exit editing of a notecard

Escape key

Slash commands

Reopen command menu

Place the cursor at the end of the partial command and press CTRL + space

Confirm command

Select a command from the list using arrow keys and press Enter

Select next / previous command

Arrow down / up


Add new row

Press “Enter” which will add a row after the current one.

Delete row

Select the row with your mouse highlighting all the cells in the row and press “Delete”.

Move row up/down

Place cursor to the row that you want to move and press ALT + UP/DOWN