What is Loreshelf?

Loreshelf is a distributed library of collections.

Store and organize concise information most effectively with Loreshelf.

Data Organization

Workspaces [Loreshelf Docs]

  • Notebooks [Get Started]
    • Notecards\ [Data Organization]

Workspace is a folder of your notebooks.

Notebooks are text files.

Notecards are records of the notebooks.

Workspace Examples

  • Assets
  • Finances
  • Games
  • Health
  • Home
  • Technology
  • Tools
  • Travels
  • Watching
  • Work

Open on startup

By default when you open Loreshelf, it will load the last opened notebook.

If you want to set one specific notebook which should open on startup follow these steps:

  1. Open the notebook which you want to open on startup.

  2. Right click on the name of the notebook to open the context menu.

  3. Click on the option “Open on startup“.

In order reset the behaviour, open the Preferences and check “Remember the last notebook and open it on startup”.

Open Loreshelf


In order to focus Loreshelf app from any application even when Loreshelf is minimized you may enable global app key in the Preferences.

Once enabled, pressing ALT+C will gain focus to Loreshelf app.

Global app key.png

Keep above

In order to keep Loreshelf above all other applications click on the Settings button and select “Keep Above“.

Keep above.png